The Elegance of Sensor Fusion for the Mobile World

sensor fusion for mobile world

“Our brains have evolved to allow us to employ sensor fusion in an elegant way. We take it for granted: We walk and we talk and there’s a lot going on there. To understand how it works and apply it to machine systems, which we call sensor fusion, we need to be cognizant of the information we have and think about it carefully.” – Dr. Jeff Fayman, Geodetics, Inc.

We use sensor fusion every day, every minute, in our own lives as we walk, talk, and engage with the world around us. That same concept is increasingly vital to the success of aerial platforms, manned vehicles, unmanned and autonomous platforms, and more.

During the IEEE Tech Insider Webinar, “Sensor Fusion: Potential, Challenges, and Applications,” Dr. Fayman offered a fantastic look at the concepts of sensor fusion, the applications, and the theoretical underpinnings:

“I gave examples of multi sensor fusion started simple with GPS and IMU, moving on to more complex applications: GPS, IMU and LiDAR, with mobile mapping system. Then we moved into aerial refueling or relative navigation, with 2 IMUs and 2 GPSs, then added two more sensors to that: LiDar and stereo cameras. And we saw what we can get from that…The concept of sensor fusion is interesting. It’s very rich in its theoretical foundation. There’s a lot of use for it and we’re only seeing more and more of those uses as we move forward.”

To learn more about sensor fusion architecture, the design and implantation of multi-sensor systems, and the broad scope of applications the rely on this technology, watch the IEEE Tech Insider webinar today!


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