How Developing Automated Driving Platforms Helps Developers of Autonomous Vehicles

inertial solutions in autonomous ground reference systems

In the eyes of many automotive industry experts, the ultra-connected, data-driven and ultimately driverless vehicle will require a super-computer designed with electronic and electrical architectures robust enough to process the flood of data that an autonomous car will produce.

Fueling the oncoming storm of data-processing requirements is sensor fusion, the fusing of data from multiple sensors necessary for automated driving including radar, LiDAR, vision systems, driver-state monitoring, and related sensors.

On March 29, 2017 at 2 pm ET, an IEEE Tech Insider webinar, Inertial Solutions in Autonomous Ground Reference Systems, will delve into the development of these multi-sensor automated research development platforms for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the development of advanced algorithms, and automated driving initiatives.

The webinar, presented by Terry Lamprecht of AutonomouStuff, Sheena Dixon of NovAtel, and Sean McCormack of KVH, will feature inertial solutions utilized in positioning kits for use in by-wire kits, as well as a discussion of Robot Operating Systems (ROS).

Register today for this webinar, and get insights from industry leaders on the development and enhancement of automated driving platforms.

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