10 movies that will “Shiver your Timbers” this Halloween.

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We love Halloween here at KVH Media Group, but then who doesn’t?

Halloween is the perfect time to watch scary movies and eat copious amounts of sweets and chocolate.SCARY MOVIES

We are the leading suppliers of early-release, blockbuster movies to the commercial maritime sector and love nothing more than a good film.

Leading up to Halloween, we have been discussing our favourite scary movie (it’s fair to say there were many) and have finally decided on an ultimate Top 10 list.

They are certain to “shiver your timbers” this Halloween!


KVH Media Group – Top 10 List of THE scariest movies of all time


On the surface this film is about a killer named Buffalo Bill, who skins his victims. However, the heart of this story focuses on Dr. Hannibal Lector with his compelling manner and amazing, yet psychotic, intellect.  This film has got everything you need and more if you love your horror/thriller movies; a psychopath, a cannibal and an intense story-line that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

This movie became the third film in Academy Awards history to win the “Big Five” for producing, directing, acting (Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster), and screenwriting.  A real masterpiece from director Jonathan Demme and a must-see if you ask us.

Memorable moment/quote: Buffalo Bill needs his latest victim to keep her skin soft; “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”.

9) CARRIE – 1976

Based on Stephen King’s first novel about a young girl who has difficulties fitting in at school and her even more harrowing existence at home with her Christian mother.

This movie builds up to an intense tragic finale which will stay etched in your mind for a long time.

Memorable moment/quote: Carrie at the prom.


A poltergeist haunts a family home and takes their young daughter. Produced by Steven Spielberg, this movie is guaranteed to make you want to remove any screens from your bedroom.

Memorable moment/quote: Young Carol-Anne knows the evil spirits have arrived; “They’re heeerre”.


Welcome to the world of Freddy Krueger, an evil being from another world who kills his victims by entering their dreams.

You’ll be sure not to sleep easy after this one.

Memorable moment/quote:  Children singing; “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.  Three, four, better lock your door.  Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again”.


The original and best zombie-fest! In this independent black-and-white horror film, a small-town’s theatre group try to survive the night while trapped in a farmhouse, hiding from bloodthirsty zombies.

A true classic and leaves you feeling that there’s nowhere to hide!

Memorable moment/quote: They’re coming to get you Barbara”. No explanation required!

5) HALLOWEEN – 1978

A six-year-old Michael Myers murders his sister and then escapes from a psychiatric hospital 15 years later, intent on killing. His psychiatrist tries to stop him.

A real tense slasher film with minimal gore but maximum effect!

We also love the 2007 remake of this film by Rob Zombie which delved more in to Myers’ psyche.

Memorable moment/quote:Was it the boogeyman? “As a matter of fact, it was”.

4) THE THING – 1982

Set in the Antarctic, a group of scientists come across a shape-shifting alien that can assume the appearance of the people it has killed.

This film cooks up a fantastic paranoid atmosphere in a hellish environment and covers it in gore and terror. The perfect recipe for a great horror movie.

Memorable moment/quote: A severed alien head grows legs and walks off like a spider only to be blasted with a fire gun (what more could you want?)!

3) PSYCHO – 1960

A missing woman was last seen at the Bates Motel so her sister and boyfriend visit and find it run by a voyeuristic, taxidermist loner who is possessed by his dead mother.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock (who was nominated for an Oscar), this film has a first class script and a flawless plot that delivers on every level without the need for gore (similar to Halloween).

Memorable moment/quote: Probably the most famous horror scene in historyThe shower scene!

2) THE OMEN – 1976

Arguably one of the scariest movies of all time, in at number 2 in our list. A young boy named ‘Damien’  is marked with the sign of the devil ‘666’ and is literally the anti-Christ incarnate.

Memorable moment/quote: This film is filled with memorable moments but our favourite is when Damien’s father’s friend is decapitated by a flying sheet of glass.

1) THE SHINING – 1980

Jack Nicholson plays the frustrated writer “Jack Torrance” who takes a job as the caretaker at a hotel with a demonic presence. When he arrives with his family, they learn that the previous caretaker had gone mad. Slowly Jack becomes possessed and terrorises his family leading up to a dramatic ending.

Easy in at number 1 for us, with incredible acting from Nicholson and some truly terrifying scenes, it ticks all the boxes!

Memorable moment(s)/quote: Jack breaks through the bathroom door, “Here’s Johnny”. “REDRUM, REDRUM”. The Twins. This film has many!

Of course, you could put this list in any order as they’re all outstanding horror masterpieces and every one is worthy of the top spot!

How many of these films have you seen and which one is your scariest/favourite horror movie?

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