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Trying to Develop a Winning Maritime Communications Strategy? Follow These Five Best Practices

In an increasingly competitive world, commercial maritime fleets require an offshore communications strategy that satisfies multiple stakeholders, offers affordable satellite broadband connections, and positions their business for future success. Yet a multitude of conflicting messages and competing technologies crowd the airwaves, failing to provide a proper course for the “connected ship.” A true end-to-end solution […]

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New LinkedIn Group for KVH Technicians

KVH has launched a new KVH Technicians group on LinkedIn. This group was created to provide a forum for all KVH technicians and employees worldwide to share valuable technical information related to the installation and service of KVH products, such as TracPhone maritime VSAT systems, TracVision satellite TV, and more. “It’s a great way for […]

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Maritime crews rely on KVH mini-VSAT Broadband and IP-MobileCast to provide Internet and content at sea

Numbers Don’t Lie – Crew Welfare Driving Maritime SATCOM Growth

In a white paper just released by Futurenautics, crew welfare is a key area in which ship operators expect to see a significant growth in data use in the next three years. While claims that operational categories were the most important factors for determining satellite communications needs, crew welfare superseded those segments significantly. Crew-related data […]

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Access to the Internet: A Basic Human Right on Land and at Sea

(Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse) In 2011, access to the Internet was deemed a human right in a United Nations report. In the commercial maritime industry, offshore communications is also a critical part of the picture – not just for operations, safety, and competitive advantage, but for crew morale, too. According to the 2006 Maritime Labour […]

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“Paperless Ship, Ho!”

Did you know that the day of the “paperless ship” looms on the horizon? In 2015, InterManager, the trade association for ship managers, as well as other bodies, drew up guidelines and blueprints for the transition at a meeting in Oslo, Norway, declaring it a key area of potentially significant benefit to the shipping industry. […]

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Knowledge Is Power – But a Flawless Product Installation Is Priceless

It’s tough to pin down Rick Garrison because he’s on the road so much for KVH Industries, showing technicians proper installation procedures and troubleshooting strategies for a range of KVH TracPhone and TracVision products. But I managed to find him at KVH headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island, on one of those rare days, right after he’d […]

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Whether the Fish Are Biting or Not, This Carolina Gentleman’s Entertained

  Skipper Gentry has been fishing offshore since he was a little boy, so it comes as no surprise that the 38-year-old made the saltwater sport that’s his passion his livelihood, too. “This is where I make and lose all my money,” he says with a laugh. “This is my whole life.” Since 2007, Gentry […]

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LS3, Alpha Dog, Robo-Mule

How Loud is that Doggy in the Window?

When it comes to defining success in robotic design, the focus is often on how well the robot moves and reacts to changing topography and environments, as well as its ability to stay upright, get where it needs to go and pick itself back up if it falls. That last task was one of the […]

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Visit www.kvh.com/unmanned for INS, IMU, and FOG application and product details

Guiding Intelligent Solutions

It’s impossible to go a day without seeing unmanned systems in the news: Government agencies are testing drones to improve border protection Driverless cars are expected to be 15% of global vehicle sales in 15 years Robots are making tremendous strides in design, learning, and viability for rescues and more It’s becoming an unmanned world […]

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KVH GEO-FOG 3D and 3D Dual inertial navigation systems

Navigation So Smart and Small, it’s Genius

As a child of the ‘70s, I remember watching “The Six Million Dollar Man”, fascinated by the “technology” that made Steve Austin better…stronger…faster in Oscar Goldman’s immortal words. That was really cool. The sort of theoretical super-advanced tech that we saw in “The Six Million Dollar Man” and other tech-centric shows of the era (anyone […]

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