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MLC-2006 Guide by KVH

MLC-2006 Crew Welfare Effort Gaining Momentum

Called the Seafarer’s Bill of Rights, the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC-2006) recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and the big question on the minds of many in the shipping industry is, “What impact is it having?” Judging by the fact that the number of International Labour Organization (ILO) member countries that have ratified MLC-2006 has […]

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Can Robots Save the World…Or At Least Feed It?

For people working in the field of unmanned systems, it can sometimes seem as though Hollywood has it in for these marvels of technology. Perhaps it’s just that producers and writers need a new bad guy, and a drone seems to fit the bill as an out-of-control tech that is as creepy as any zombie. […]

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Connectivity Improves Oil-and-Gas Work Sites

The importance of mobility and connectivity is widely known among many industries, particularly those that face the challenge of communicating from remote work sites. For the oil-and-gas industry, for example, the ability to communicate from the field is critical to enabling engineers and decision makers – no matter where they are located – to discuss […]

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IP-MobileCast Onboard is a Great Catch for F/V Cornelia Marie

Fans of the Discovery Channel show “Deadliest Catch” are familiar with the adventures of the fishing vessel Cornelia Marie, but what kind of fans are the Cornelia Marie’s captains? Big-time soccer fans, it turns out. From Bristol Bay, Alaska, last month, co-captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus spent some off-watch hours catching world championship soccer […]

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7 Boating Apps to Download Before Leaving the Dock

Mobile apps on smartphones and tablets are part of everyday business and leisure activities on land. Why should time on the water be any different? Whether you’re cruising on a dinghy or a yacht here are our favorite seven mobile apps you should download before leaving the dock. Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book This is […]

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A Licence to Thrill

You’re an IT manager at a large ship management company.  You are responsible for rolling out the computer operating system on the entire fleet of 100 vessels. Times are tough and you’re on a tight budget. The price you have been quoted for the licenses is pretty high! You start to wonder: “What are the […]

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Members of KVH Media Group take on the 24 Peaks Challenge for Seafarers UK!

6 Members of KVH Media Group, took part in the SeafarersUK 24 Peaks Challenge on July 12th to raise money for Seafarers and their families in need. Find out how they got on, by reading below… “24 hills we said, 2 days”, we said, “how hard can it be”, we said! Little did we know we were […]

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Drop anchor, and enjoy!”

6 Reasons to Love TracVision TV-series

Boat owners in many parts of the world are looking forward to getting their boats back in the water right about now, and here’s some news to add to the excitement: The new TracVision TV-series from KVH makes it easier than ever to bring your favorite TV services to your yacht or boat. Now you […]

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“This truck is the M.A.N.” An Interview with Dallas Lee

Dallas Lee is a friendly, knowledgeable, self-proclaimed “tireless KVH fanatic” from Dallas, Texas. He is the vice president of sales at David Lee Marketing, but if you ask him, he wears a lot of hats. From vendor liaison, sales manager, facilitator, and distributor, he does it all. Dallas has been a partner with KVH since […]

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Mobility in the Oil and Gas Industry

Mobile technologies are critical to the future of the oil and gas industry, especially when the “office” is an offshore rig or a remote drilling site in the Bakken. With new drilling methods driving production levels to a 25 year high, oil and gas exploration companies are trying to find new ways to meet the […]

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