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KVH Deciphering Broadband maritime SATCOM solutions

IT Managers: Bet You Haven’t Thought of These Questions

It’s easy to think of maritime satellite communications strictly in terms of data speed and monthly costs and solely as a basic communications tool. But as a fleet ITC manager, your mission is to deliver technology solutions on many fronts. Don’t miss out on the chance to consider how a next-generation maritime VSAT system can can deliver […]

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KVH myKVH maritime SATCOM management tools for smartphones

New myKVH Mobile Site Helps You See the Network While You’re on the Go

The myKVH portal already offers you unsurpassed transparency and control, and now, its new mobile user interface makes it even easier and faster to use if you’re at sea or on the go. myKVH Mobile is an easy and responsive way to check and manage data usage on the mini-VSAT broadband network. It’s easily accessed […]

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myKVH data management maritime VSAT

Put Your Device on a Data Diet

On land, you may not notice that apps, web browsers, or operating systems on your smart phone or tablet are gobbling up broadband data while on Wi-Fi at home, in the office, or at a local cafe. At sea, however, managing data is critical to ensuring efficiency and outstanding performance while staying within your marine […]

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KVH Airtime Services Agent Katherine Bohensky

Meet Your KVH Team: Katherine Bohensky, Airtime Services Agent

If you think relationships with family, friends, and co-workers require deft handling, consider the case of the six KVH airtime services department staff. They build successful outcomes with the company’s maritime communications clients around the world. Theirs is a campaign to ensure our customers get the best from KVH, whether it involves a mini-VSAT Broadband […]

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myKVH data allocation for mini-VSAT Broadband maritime VSAT

Tools You’ll Use – Manage Crew Data Allocations with the myKVH Web Portal

KVH offers fantastic ways to manage your vessel’s data use so you stick to your monthly plan. The versatile data allocation feature on the myKVH web portal makes it possible. With myKVH data allocations on the mini-VSAT Broadband network*, you can: Create profiles, with daily, weekly, or monthly data allocations for each user type onboard […]

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New Beam Upgrades Broadband Service in the U.S. Pacific Northwest

Did you know that in April 2016, KVH invested in an additional Ku-band service beam that provides Pacific Northwest U.S. coverage, where many large fishing fleets operate? It’s part of our ongoing effort to constantly improve and enhance the global mini-VSAT Broadband network. “Operating our own network provides us with unique opportunities to offer creative […]

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Videotel mariner training and seafarer education reduces risk and improves safety

Overcoming the Crew Shortage Conundrum

If there is one issue which seems to dominate strategic thinking in the boardrooms of the good and great in world shipowning and shipmanagement, it is the concern that there may just not be enough well trained and competent seafarers to man today’s ships and offices ashore. The world fleet continues to grow and world […]

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Deciphering Broadband at Sea maritime VSAT

A Maritime ITC Manager’s Journey to SATCOM Success

Maritime broadband services are vital when it comes to the safe and efficient operation of today’s ocean-going commercial vessels. Plus, the ability to provide operational and entertainment content along with reliable Internet connectivity is a “must have” for keeping officers and crew connected, informed, productive, and happy. The task of meeting the broadband and offshore […]

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From Antique to High-tech, Backup to GNSS is in Great Demand

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by…” – John Masefield However tall modern ships are today, the appeal of steering by the stars is making a comeback. This resurgence isn’t driven by […]

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Deciphering Broadband at Sea maritime VSAT

End the Maritime ITC and SATCOM Blame Game, Become an IT Hero

The maritime IT and Communications (ITC) manager is often caught between a rock – the growing demand for cost-effective onboard broadband satellite Internet access – and a hard place – the limitations of the satellite provider’s technology and service offerings. However, when a SATCOM solution fails to deliver the speeds, savings, and capabilities that might have […]

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