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Oil and gas industry the next big opportunity for autonomous vehicles?

It’s no surprise that the oil and gas industry is looking at what autonomous technology can do to improve their bottom line. According to a recent article in The Maritime Executive, the oil and gas industry is dipping its toe into the unmanned technology pool, driven by the need for cost savings and a new confidence in […]

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KVH Tackles Difficult Problems – Even Coastal Pollution Near its RI Headquarters

Company Adopts Scenic Cliff Site and Hauls Away Hundreds of Pounds of Trash by Summer’s End One of the many features along the more than 400 miles of stunning coastline in the state of Rhode Island on the East Coast of the United States is Purgatory Chasm, a deep cleft in quartz cliffs through which […]

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Which Is Better, Brains or Brawn? Ask 2016 KVH Scholarship Winner Bailey Driscoll, Who’s Got Plenty of Each

Here’s a photo of Bailey Driscoll, horizontal during a high jump, shooting a knowing glance. There’s one of her kicking out an Irish step dance, suspended mid-air enough for a good-sized dog to trot beneath her. In one more, she’s delivering a slam in a quarter final volleyball match against a rival of Portsmouth High […]

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kvh intertial systems driverless cars

What will it Take for Ford, Uber and others to Meet Their Challenging New Targets for Driverless Cars?

Over the last few days, we’ve seen some really exciting news in the world of driverless cars. First, Tuesday, Ford Motor Company made a bold announcement last Tuesday: to have a fleet of driverless cars on the road by 2021. Then, two days later, reports were published that Uber would deploy its first self-driving fleet […]

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Falcon Robotics Using KVH Fiber Optic Gyros

A Star Robotics Team Formula for Success: Determination, A Can-do Attitude and a Little Help from KVH

The adventures of the underdog geek squad from Carl Hayden Community High School and its rise to fame as the team Falcon Robotics is a never-ending Cinderella tale, one in which KVH Industries is happy to play a key supporting role. Founded in 2001 in West Phoenix, Arizona, by Allan Cameron and Faridodin “Fredi” Lajvardi, […]

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KVH Maritime Broadband Connectivity for Crew

Connectivity Gap at Sea Makes Headlines on Land

Where would you rather work? Thousands of miles offshore, cut off from the outside world, or in a climate-controlled office, with 24/7 access to your family and friends via social media with your smart phone? Given those career options, Generation Z – those born after 1995 – say they’ll take the office, thank you, and onboard […]

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KVH Innovative Technology

A Pile of Junk, and a Good Imagination

This column was originally published in the April 2016 issue of Futurenautics: People always ask me, “What made you think of that?” or “Where do these ideas come from?” Well the truth is, I have no idea. However, I spend a lot of time studying the markets, talking to customers, finding interesting bits of technology, […]

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KVH intertial systems driverless cars

Fatal Tesla Autopilot Accident Shows that Technology and Public Understanding Both have a Long Way to Go

This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse: We’ve grown used to the idea of self-driving or “driverless” cars in the realm of science fiction. Increasingly, that flight of fancy among novelists and screenwriters is merging with the real world. Every day there’s news about driverless car technology, whether it be the Google Car learning […]

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KVH Deciphering Broadband maritime SATCOM solutions

IT Managers: Bet You Haven’t Thought of These Questions

It’s easy to think of maritime satellite communications strictly in terms of data speed and monthly costs and solely as a basic communications tool. But as a fleet ITC manager, your mission is to deliver technology solutions on many fronts. Don’t miss out on the chance to consider how a next-generation maritime VSAT system can can deliver […]

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KVH myKVH maritime SATCOM management tools for smartphones

New myKVH Mobile Site Helps You See the Network While You’re on the Go

The myKVH portal already offers you unsurpassed transparency and control, and now, its new mobile user interface makes it even easier and faster to use if you’re at sea or on the go. myKVH Mobile is an easy and responsive way to check and manage data usage on the mini-VSAT broadband network. It’s easily accessed […]

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