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10 Christmas Movies to help bring Crew Together

          We associate so many wonderful things when we think about the holiday season but there are 3 main themes that come to mind; Family, Food and FILMS. Us land-lubbers enjoy time with family and friends during the holidays, watching films together over a nice meal, while our seafarers are far […]

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If I Can’t Get My Flying Car Yet, I’ll Settle for One that Can Do This…

Straight from the very smart folks at NASA comes the Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV). This little vehicle is adapted from the space technologies developed for exploration rovers used on the Moon and on Mars. When not building spacecraft, NASA focuses on adapting space technologies for those of us down here on Earth. The result of […]

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Search & Rescue UAVs Sent to Nepal

Disasters such as the massive earthquake in Nepal often bring out the best in people…and those who work in the unmanned industry are no different. In response to the desperate need for help in searching for survivors and victims, Aeryon Labs, GlobalMedic, and Monadrone have sent some of their UAVs to Nepal to help search […]

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Why Life at Sea is Important Enough to Require Training

A life at sea was once described ingloriously as “similar to a life in prison albeit with the added risk of drowning.” And with all the trials and tribulations facing today’s resolute band of more than 1.5 million seafarers, you could be excused for understanding the comparison. Yet in today’s age of empathy, necessity, and […]

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KVH Technology Scholarship Applications Due April 17, 2015

Supporting the study of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at the college level is of utmost interest to KVH Industries, as our engineers play a key role in our innovative products and services. We invite high school seniors who are planning to study a STEM topic in college to apply for the 2105 A.H. […]

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Broadband Demand Heating Up in the South American Oil & Gas Industry

Here at KVH World HQ, we’re currently entombed in the great winter glacier of 2015, but things are plenty warm down south where the extremely active oil and gas industry is consuming an increasing amount of satellite bandwidth. 5 Things Driving Broadband Expansion A recent Via Satellite article explored this growing demand as well as […]

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Local High School Students See Engineering in Action at KVH

Nearly 60 students from several Newport County high schools were given an inside look at what an engineering career looks like as they toured our headquarters last week. Bob Balog, KVH Senior VP, Engineering, explained that many types of engineers – including software, mechanical, electrical, radio-frequency, and applications engineers – are vital to KVH’s products […]

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Buccaneers of Broadband – Will Hollywood Start Suing Ship Owners for Pirated Entertainment?

Seafarers bear closer resemblance to Captain Kirk on the starship Enterprise than they do to Blackbeard the Pirate in terms of the presence of technology on vessels today, where smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and computers are common. But modern mariners may inadvertently be taking on the pirate’s role when they watch personal DVDs in the […]

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Crewtoo Visits Historic Gathering Place for Seafarers in Manila

When you want to meet seafarers there is only one place to go, and that is to hit the streets of Manila – especially around Luneta, an urban park alongside Manila Bay. As Crewtoo was in Manila for Lloyd’s List Events’ Manning and Training conference, that is exactly what we did. Armed with a stack […]

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scientist studying ebola

What Can Seafarers Do to Protect Themselves from Ebola?

The three countries hardest hit by Ebola – Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea – all have ports along the world’s main maritime shipping routes. Is it any wonder seafarers and dockworkers are concerned? Videotel’s new video (preview above) provides mariners with Ebola prevention information. Some 90% of the world’s goods are transported by ship along […]

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